"World's longest river cruise" officially has been launched in India from the city of Varanasi.

I am one of those people who like PM Narender Modi and always appreciate his decisions, be it on monetization or on artilcle 377.

This time I am threatened with this activity.River Ganga is not onle a river for Indians but we consider it as our mother.And I am sad because it is affecting river Ganga adversaly !!

River landsacpe is restricted,unlike the ocean.

Existance of genetic Dolphins is in danger !! Dolphins already have very restricted area in river and now due to increased traffic in river, it will make their existance zero soon.

We are playing with nature adversaly and nature is rebelling already !!

Just to earn more and more money, we have ignored natures original phenomenon.

Rivers can't be ocean !! This rule is set by nature.

I am afraid, what consequences we have to bear in future for this new business approach !!

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