All Eyes Up: Decor Ideas to Jazz Your Ceiling Space

Do you wish to spruce up your high ceilings, but the thought of over-expenditure stops you?

Enhance the Boundary

LED lights have always been a hype in the market. They are economical and are the best ceiling decor to curate a stunning soft glow.

Curtains All the Way Up

Installing curtains of striking bold colors or textures is a big YES to glam high ceiling designs.

Highlight with Art

Use the empty space as your canvas, and hang statement high ceiling wall decor. Another smart decor trick is to grab attention on your ceilings is by placing wall art up high.

Wonders of Green Creepers

The visual calmness and enticing look of greenery are purely unmatchable.

Go Bold with Lights

A bold lighting fixture would be a bewitching low budget ceiling idea to create a visual connection and balance between the upper and lower portions of the room.

Reflect Natural Light

lacing mirrors as decor is a brilliant idea to spruce up your interiors. And with tall ceilings, it gets even better as you can reflect natural lighting in your space!

Texture with Tape

It may sound like a daunting task, but this ceiling decor idea as a DIY can not only save you money but would be a super affordable way to jazz up your ceilings

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