Elon Musk reduced 13 kg weight

Twitter owner Elon Musk reduced his weight by 13 kg, told himself the secret of weight loss

Elon Musk, remains in the news for some reason or the other. This time he is in discussion because he has lost more than 10 kg.

Yes, he told this on Twitter itself. A user asked him what did you do to lose so much weight? Instead, he told about his diet

Musk told the secret behind his fitness is intermittent fasting.

A few months back, Mr. Musk had shared that he is making some lifestyle changes.

Musk told that he fasts from time to time and stays away from delicious food, apart from this, he takes diabetes medicine Ozempic / Vegovi to stay in shape and stay healthy.

People started congratulating Mr. Musk for this. One user said, "Congratulations! This is awesome."