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Why Run After property not available with Trigger?

Run After property supports 4 status - Success, Failed, Skipped, Timeout. 

Successor relies on the status of the predecessor, accordingly it decide what to do. 

However in case of Trigger there is only one status i.e. success .

How is Logic App Charged?

Based on the deployment model chosen

1.ISE - Flat cost (Fixed)

2.Consumption - Per action execution is charged

3.Standard - Based on a hosting plan with a selected pricing tier.

Can we have long running logic app?

It depends on the deployment plan you have chosen.

1.For ISE maximum is 366 days,

 2.90 days for consumption and standard stateful

3. Five mins for standard stateless.

Can  a particular logic app HAVE more than one trigger?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple triggers for single logic app.

But this can be done only via code view, with designer view it is not supported yet.

Once you disable the logic app,  trigger becomes inactive i.e. new instance won't be created.

However the instance which have already started won't be impacted and it will continue to process.

What will happen if I disable a Logic app after few of it's instance are started?

What is difference between trigger() and triggerBody() ?

 trigger() refers the entire trigger object (including headers and body) and is shorthand of trigger().outputs

 triggerBody() is shorthand for trigger().outputs.body thus it only points to body part of trigger output and it's type is String.

What is difference between Logic App and Power Automate?

Power Automate is for Business users(needs License) whereas Logic app is for developers.
It is build on top of Logic Apps however, truly a “no-code approach” to build automation & integration.
No Enterprise connectors support, no governance, no Azure DevOps 

What is difference between Action and trigger?

Trigger is also an Action but a special action.

It is the first action in the workflow which has the capability to instantiate the workflow.

It may/may not contain data associated with it.

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