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Technical Support: What is it?

Product-focused businesses employ technical or "tech" assistance as a channel of customer interaction to ensure that their customers get the most out of their goods.The goal of this is to resolve technical issues including installation problems, login problems, and other technical challenges that can negatively affect the user experience. Typically, this is done via knowledge bases, live chat, email, or phone.However, isn't customer support merely another name for technical support?Okay, no.And here is why.

The Distinction Between Customer & Tech Support

It's simple for people to picture contact centre employees handling irate customers who want to vent their annoyance over payment and delivery problems when they hear the term "tech support." Your customer support team, not your tech support team, will handle these kinds of problems.

There are 5 levels of support for tech support


Before the invention of the Internet, people would consult an owner's manual or contact their relatives and friends if they had a query about a product. Your users will now just "Google" it.



The next level of technical assistance focuses on empowering customers to self-serve and is run through knowledge bases, wikis, and FAQs. This serves as a quick and simple substitute for many customers who would rather not call a help desk and wait for an email reply.

Initial line of defence (human contact)

When it comes to the product or service, tech support staff at this level have a basic to general grasp, but they might not always have the expertise needed to resolve complex problems.

Fourth line of defence (Complex issues)

In fact, according to 73% of tech support managers surveyed by the New York Times, the complexity of support calls is rising as a result of customers' increased technological sophistication and ability to handle simpler problems on their own.

The third line of defence (custom support)

Third line tech support is likely to be controlled by a designated super user or even someone from your R&D department as it deals with exceptional cases that levels of pre-support to second line could not handle.

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