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To keep things simple, when we refer to "WiFi," we're referring to every aspect of establishing a reliable internet connection. In order to have fast WiFi in your office, you must have the appropriate gear, internet service provider (ISP), and WAP placement. If your workplace frequently displays any of the following symptoms, you should have a WiFi network expert take a look.

The phrase "page cannot be shown" appears frequently.

Slack continues to reconnect your fifteen-minute meetings go on for an hour. Dashboards for engineering fail for you. Ethernet wires are shackling your staff members.All businesses now depend on WiFi networks, which directly impact productivity, security, and even the workplace atmosphere for employees. Therefore, you should unquestionably make an investment in high-quality network hardware.

Here are some things to think about:

Ease of Management: With equipment designed for business use, you can easily push out any configuration changes made centrally to the entire system.
Business-grade access points, which are also known as SSIDs, support numerous wireless networks (service set identifier). This offers you both a great deal of security and freedom.

Multiple Access Points:

As network users grow, more access points will need to be installed in order to accommodate them. WiFi technology designed for businesses enables central management of numerous access points.


To provide the required bandwidth to the access points, a strong underpinning wired network is important. Additionally, PoE (Power over Ethernet) usage can reduce the requirement for additional power cables.

Why is Supportly It the Bay Area's preferred provider of network support services?

We are San Francisco's leading WiFi and network specialists. Our expertise is in accelerating WiFi so that your team can work more quickly than ever. We have been offering WiFi Support to businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere to assure blazing-fast WiFi speed.

Due to our established relationships with manufacturers of business-grade hardware, we can source the necessary hardware, including WiFi Access Points, WLAN Controllers, and Network Switches, with much shorter lead times. As a result, you won't have to wait for your WiFi network to get fast.

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