beautyful hair makes you more attractive

lets explore the secret behind it!

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start exploring

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use amla to wash your hair

amla is rich in vitamin c which provide the necessary ingridients to the roots or hair and make them healthy and strong

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washout dandruff

dandruff are real enemy of your beautiful get rid off them always keep your hair clean using a regular shampoo to wash your hair.

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use a mild conditioner to make your hair more mosturised and thick

conditioners are the best way to make our hair more free to move and also they help them to maintain moisture within them.

consume protien rich diet 

hair is made of protien upto a large extent hence to keep them healthy and beautiful it is necessary to provide the intake of protien rich ingredient in your diet.

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hair massage

hair also needs massage and providing massage to them at a regular enterwal make them healthy and shiny.

be happy and tention free to make your hair healthy and beautiful

chhaya mishra

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