Simple yet very effective ways to get the most benefit out of the food you eat.

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What is the Correct Way of eating Food?

The food, the surroundings and your hands should be clean and uncontaminated.

Like food, like mind

The feelings and thoughts of the cook or chef should also be uncorrupted and chaste.

The God, farmer, and Cook are the three food providers. We must always be grateful to them & they must be thanked & blessed before and after every meal.

Keep your mind calm, relaxed, and cheerful while eating.

Chewing is the prime job of teeth only, it should not be left on the intestines.

Switch off the TV, mobile, etc. strictly while eating

To digest the food easily, after eating sit in Vajrasana posture.

Drinking water during or immediately after the meal extinguishes the digestive fire in the stomach. Water should be drunk at least one hour after eating. 

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