1. Not entirely settled to rehash each energy strategy blunder of the last 50 years, Joe Biden's conflict on the homegrown oil.

2.  And gas industry built up forward movement last week even as gas and diesel costs rose to new record highs.

3. AAA revealed Sunday that the typical public cost for a gallon of standard gas rose to another record of $4.85, recording a 24-penny increment for the week finished June 4. 

4. The typical cost for diesel fuel, a significant driver of expansion for buyer merchandise, likewise hit another record high around the same time of $5.64.

5. Notwithstanding the truth that a lack of refining limit is a reason for high diesel costs, Biden's EPA conveyed the organization's attack on the business to its downstream area late in the week. 

6. EPA declared extra biofuel mixing orders for 2022, yet additionally retroactive commands that will compel purifiers to compensate for 2020 and 2021 volumes that were recently suspended.

7. Together, these activities mirror the Biden organization's obligation to reset and reinforce the RFS (U.S. Sustainable Fuel Standard), reinforce our country's energy security and backing local.

8.  EPA representative Tim Carroll said. How the move gives any advantage to the country's energy security is a genuine secret, and Mr. Carroll wasn't giving subtleties.