How to Decorate Kids Room as Per Vastu?

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Study Table To Habitat Seating

Making kids sit is a task in itself. That’s where an attractive kids Study table lends a helping hand.

Kid’s Bed For Peaceful Sleeping

Kids run around the entire house whole day. For their uninterrupted growth, a good night’s sleep is must.

Wall Mirror To Appreciate Masterpieces

Mirror helps kid to reflect and admire all their masterpieces created by them

Photo Frame To Stay Connected

In today’s modern world of nuclear family, it is hard to maintain all the relations even within the family.

Wall Colours To Cheer Up The Room

Green is a cool colour that evokes feelings of freshness and tranquillity. It also assists in the development of mental capacity.

For health reasons, Vastu for kid’s room says that there should be enough natural light in the room.

Room Décor To Enhance Creativity

When purchasing or creating bespoke furniture, it is important to remember that it should be constructed of wood rather than metal. 

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Bathroom Specifics For Independent Growth

The bathroom must be in north or north-west as per vastu tips for kids bedroom.