How to Have a Stadium Feel at Home?

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1. Create A Cozy Corner

You might not be able to set up stadium seats in your home but who wants that anyway when you can be at utmost comfort. 

Well-Well-Well! The next thing about a stadium is the playing spirit and the green pitch. 

2. What’s Up With Décor?

The greatest reason of watching IPL in the stadium is the chance to see your favorite player live.

3. Dress Up Like Your                   Favorite Player

In this digital world, we all are glued to our phones and gadgets.

4. Play The Security While Welcoming Guests

It’s a tradition to gift the host something in return for the party.

5. Barter Your Seats in             Exchange to Gifts

6. Munch On the           Snacks

No celebration is complete without drinks and snacks.

7. Keep Your Guest Occupied In Free Time

Nobody is going to sit in front of TV for 3-4 hours straight. 

8. Bet On Each           Wicket

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