Jake Gyllenhaal, Camila Cabello star with Bowen Yango in hilarious new 'SNL' promo

Bowen Yang's hilarious pronunciation of the names of Jake Gyllenhaal and Camila Cabello leaves fans in splits

Jake Gyllenhaal and Camila Cabello are set to be musical guests and hosts, respectively, at this week's Saturday Night Live gig.

In the latest promo for the comedy-satire show, Ambulance actor, 41, and Senorita crooner, 25, are joined by SNL cast member Bowen Yang.

In a promo for the show's April 9 episode, Yang left fans in a frenzy as he tried to pronounce the names of the guilty actor and Worth It singer.

In the snippet, as Gyllenhaal introduces himself, Yang Jie quickly corrects his pronunciation by emphasizing the sound, "Gil-en-hall, your name is pronounced, Gil-en-hall."

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Gyllenhaal hilariously replies "I guarantee you it's not," to which Cabello says