Johnny Depp, Amber Heard romance: Why did Angelina Jolie warn longtime friend against marriage?

Angelina Jolie requested Johnny Depp to make a prenuptial agreement before her marriage to Amber Heard.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie once warned her longtime friend and co-star Johnny Depp not to date Amber Heard.

According to media reports, the Eternals actor had warned Depp about Amber Heard and showed him his "dislike" towards

 The Rum Diaries star during the promotion of his then-released film The Tourist Back in 2010.

He also requested Depp to make a premarital settlement before he could marry his now ex-wife, Heard.

Jolie, apparently of the idea that Depp would be going through a middle-aged crisis and infatuated with Amber Heard, who was almost half his age.