Sam Asghari dishes on his relationship with Britney Spears: We don't have a 'joint account'

Sam Asghari has opened up on his relationship with fiancé Britney Spears and is a "normal person" despite being set to marry an uber-famous pop star.

Speaking with GQ, The Can You Keep a Secret? The star and personal trainer discussed her life with the Gimme More crooner, saying her days look like no one else's.

“I am not a householder. I am a normal person. So I do a lot of shopping because sometimes I need specific things to diet,” Asgari said.

Despite his "typical" diet, Asgari avoids the celebrity-loved health food store Irevan because of its exorbitant price tag.

"I don't want to spend $200 on something I can buy for $60," Asgari, 28, shared.