Prince Harry 'snaps' at Meghan Markle, moments revealed by lip-reader

The Daily Star reported that Prince Harry appeared to 'tell' wife Meghan Markle during his last Trooping the Color appearance in 2019.

According to fans, there was a major lapse with the Duchess of Sussex during her last appearance at the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

A video of the incident shows Prince Harry looking back and talking to someone outside the camera. At the same time, Meghan also turned and appeared to say something to Harry.

The Duke of Sussex then said something 'bad' to his wife, after which she faced the field in despair. She then turned back, at which point Harry reportedly asked her to 'take a turn'.

The video caused a major uproar at the time, with lip-reading expert Tina Lanin confirming what fans thought Harry had said.