Even after trying to kill him, Amber 'love' Johnny Depp, the court listens

Amber Heard opened his 'mixed relationship' with Johnny Depp after his fight in Australia in 2015

Amber Heard revealed in court that she was in love with ex -husband Johnny Depp, even after allegedly tried to kill her 

after her notorious battle in Australia in 2015, she too much " I loved very much.

On Tuesday, during his cross examination by the Caribbean Star's legal time Pirates, he spoke about her 'mixed relationship' with her ex -husband.

Depp's lawyer Camili Waskes asked a 36 -year -old actor about the dagger fight of the couple in Australia in 2015, 

about which Depp first testified that the Aquaman actor threw two vodka bottles at him, resulting in his finger tip resulting in his finger tip. Was separated.