After claiming that a fan at the Wimbledon finals was "drunk out of her mind," the fan filed a lawsuit against Nick Kyrgios.

During this year's Wimbledon final in early July, the woman who Nick Kyrgios accused of having "700beers"

and being "drunk out of her mind" has announced that she is suing the Australian tennis player fordefamation.

Anna Palus accused Kyrgios of inventing the accusation, calling it "reckless and utterly unfounded,"

and claiming that it caused her and her family "significant damage and grief" in a statement emailed to CNN on Tuesday by her attorneys.

The only justifications for initiating legal action are the need for redress and the desire to stop the claim from being repeated. Any damages that are recovered will be given to a good cause.

She said, "I'm hoping that Mr. Kyrgios would think about the pain he's done to me and my family and come up with a quick solution to this issue.