The seven reasons women physically reject men:

1. They act arrogantly
Talking about your life and only your life is so last year. You will have to learn to relate to her if you want her to desire you the way you prefer.

2. They post pictures with other women

Leading from your ego will definitely cause her to flinch. 

3. They send her sexually explicit photos

Leading with unsolicited risque pics is sure to get you nixed. She will think you only want one thing.

4. They forget to follow through

When it comes to talking, the conversations between the two of you can become quite frustrating for her when your words are meaningless

5. They are actively aggressive

If you are trying to push things way too soon, she is bound to slam on the brakes

6. They are uncommunicative

Keeping your communication at bay can prevent a connection from growing

7. They have bad hygiene

Showing up for your date smelling like last night’s takeout and in clothes that look like you changed the oil in your car