Allah has descended many sacred books over His Prophets so that they can teach their followers about the rules of the faith (Islam). There are 104 renewed, small and big, sacred books...👉
it is compulsory for every Muslim to bring faith over all. And there are four big and famous sacred books are:...:-):-):-):-) 1) Torah: Descended upon Prophet Moses Musa (As) 👉
2) Zabur: Descended upon Prophet David Dawood (Pbuh). 3) Injeel (Bible): Descended upon Prophet Jesus Esa (Pbuh). 4) Quran: Descended upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). 👉
Quran is the last and complete and final book which supersedes all other sacred books. Now no sacred book will descend till the Dooms Day. The Quraan’s message is eternal & universal 👇
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