in 10 Steps

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


Use this board of dream images and poses as your visual aid to direct your search for photographers.

1. Build an inspo board

2. Know your budget

Nail down what YOU are open to spending on photos and products.

Creep on the photographer's websites, galleries, and social media handles and really look at their work to see if it fits your inspo board.

3. Become a Stalker

Testimonials are proof of what it's like to work with the photographer. Look for strong suits, like; keeping to the timeline.

4. Check the Reviews

Once you have inquired with a photographer, pay attention to how quickly they respond to your emails. Quick communication is key in wedding planning.


Photographers who provide wedding planning or wedding day PDF guides are a cherry on top of helping you be completely prepared. 

6. Guides

 This gives you the chance to see the photographer's work fully and get a glimpse of how your gallery will work.

7. Ask for Galleries

8. Do you Vibe?

Make sure you and the photographer vibe together. You don't want awkwardness when you're getting ready or sharing kisses with your new spouse.

When you receive the contract, read over it several times to understand the photographer's guidelines and restrictions. Make sure they are fair to you.

9. Terms + Conditions

Ask those questions before signing anything or submitting your deposit. You want to be thoroughly confident in the person handling this milestone.

10. Questions?

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