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The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection makes the master chief's journey more accessible than ever. The entire Halo game collection is the culmination of the efforts of 343 industries to preserve the Halo franchise. For every Halo game (in addition to Halo 5: Guardian), the amazing Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach are added. The Master Chief Collection has explosive firefighting encounters to permanent multiplayer modes. The Xbox Game Pass title is a must for all who consider themselves halo enthusiasts. There is no better way to end the conflict than those who do the legend of the Master Chief.

Middle-earth Shadow of War


Middle-earth Shadow of War is a fantastically entertaining addition to the foundations established by its predecessor. If you've played the original or any of the more recent Batman Arkham games, Shadow of War's gorgeous combat and character development will make you feel right at home. Even though the game's plot will mostly only be interesting to ardent Lord of the Rings fans, the world's size and the series' now-famous Nemesis system help it stand out in a crowded genre. With a new Lord of the Rings TV series on the way, there has never been a better time to rediscover Middle-earth. 


A PS1-style sci-fi survival horror game called Signalis is available. It pays more than a passing tribute to a bygone era of horror games, though. Signalis has a deep understanding of what made the first Silent Hill and Resident Evil games such successes. It is a game with a tense atmosphere, and it knows how to use it well. It doesn't rely on tank controls or a lot of jump scares. The game's (great) puzzles and survival management gameplay are elevated by everything from its sci-fi theme to its outstanding sound design. Fans of the genre must unquestionably check out Signalis.


The narrative twists and turns of her final story are just as heartbreaking as you remember,  if not since you know it's the end of the road. Your actions over the course of the game feel influential, as they always have, but this time do so as you witness the person you shaped as Clementine turns into the person she is who molds someone else's destiny. Be prepared to cry some tears. 

The Walking Dead: The Final Season


Return To Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is the X after that specific treasure quest if you're looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game. The acclaimed point-and-click adventure series by Ron Gilbert is here. Fans of the originals will enjoy several things about this, including the head-scratchingly frustrating (but still entertaining) puzzles to solve and the same humor they know and love.
The entire task with nostalgia. You might need a helpful guide available on your phone just in case a specific portion leaves you stuck, but at no point does this detract from your enjoyment. And the thrill of solving a conundrum on your own?