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How to Glow Up Before School

Things to do

1. Stretch for 5 -10 min.
2. Have a good Hygiene.
3. Eat fruits and vegetables.
4. Don't use phone before sleep.

Things to do- Monday

1. Do a Face Mask.
2. Try a new hairstyle.
3. Take a long shower.
4. Apologize to someone you hurt.


Things to do

1. Read a short book.
2. Spend sometime with your closed ones.
3. Make a DIY Body Scrub or Lip Scrub.
4. Avoid going online too often.

1. Exercise for 20 Min in morning.
2. Listen to a Playlist.
3. Do a Hair Mask.
4. No Sugar Drinks.


Things to do 

1. Go for a Run.
2. Apply coconut oil to your brows and lashes.
3. Eat a Healthy meal.
4. Do a Face Mask.



Heading 2

Heading 3

1. Take a warm shower.
2. Do a Beauty routine.
3. Watch your Favorite Movie.
4. Go outside and admire nature.

Your Page!


1. Wear a new outfit.
2. Go outside and take a walk.
3. Shave (if you want to.)
4. Tell someone you love them.

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