College football picks, schedule: Predictions against the spread, odds for big games on Black Friday

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Black Friday

Looking for deals is an integral part of Black Friday, especially in the United States. With a sizable list of college football games with Rivalry Week starting a day early for him, it might be worthwhile for some tips and predictions from the experts at CBS Sports. Week 13 wastes no time getting started. 

In this matchup, No. 19 Tulane traveled to No. 24 Cincinnati to qualify for the AAC Championship Game and stake their spot as the top Group 5 team in the CFP rankings. The loser isn't completely eliminated from the conference race, but the tight-knit will need some help creating a rematch opportunity given his AAC standings.

Stay tuned to CBS Sports all day for college football coverage from the opening kick. Check out our expert picks for the best Black Friday games of Week 13.

Why spend Black Friday bravely
rushing to the big department stores
 each year when you can instead stay home and watch the top college
 football action on TV?Especially as
the Week 13 schedule begins A list of important games is lining up for the regular season finale.

Friday promises to be a busy day on the football front, but Saturday's scheduled game tops it all off.Here's what to see all day.