5 Must Watch beginner friendly Anime

One Punch Man:
It's a story of a super strong guy who is so strong that he is able to defeat anyone with one punch. The story is fun, Comedy Centric, quick to watch. 

Demon Slayer:
The story is about Demon Slayers and their goal to wipe out Demons led by the Demon king "Muzan". The animation is outstanding by the Ufotable Studios.

The old gem of Anime world, Naruto is one of the most popular. It's filled with Comedy, fights, drama, supernatural powers of Chakra.

This is one the most underrated Anime. Follow the Main Character "Gon" on his journey. This story is filled with lots of actions and superpowers.

Attack on Titan:
Watch how humanity struggles agianst the threat of Titans. Or is the the other way around? Find out in this Action, Thriller show. It do gets dark sometimes.