Never Love the company always love the Employeer of the company

" Love your job but don't love your company because you don't know when your company stops loving you"


How do you say good things about a company?

On the other hand, If in a company some characteristics are in a workplace then the company is also a good company.
1:  Positive values. ...
2:  Relaxed and productive atmosphere. 
3:Commitment to excellence.
4:Sense of humor.

How many people love their job?

A recent Haris interactive statis survey covered the following status about the people who really love their job:
1:  In America, 45 percent of workers say that they extremely satisfied with their jobs
2: Only 20 percent feel very passionate about their jobs
3: 33 percent believe they have reached a dead-end in their career
4: 21 percent are eager to change careers
5:  Older workers are the most satisfied and the most engaged in their work
6: Younger workers are the most distressed and they feel the least amount of loyalty to their employers

Is it okay to not love your career?

No, it is not ok to love your career. Always try to do something in your workplace so that people will appreciate your work. Sometimes people told you that you are not getting your work properly. If you think it deeply then you are in frustration. So take your job as a responsibility but don't overthink about what other people are saying to you. But do your work as an honest person. Take your job as an enjoyment. 

Critics are the best learner,

 I know that Critics are the best learner, but here my owner criticizes me for my mistakes which I did 15 days ago. Then it is wrong. According to my if somebody assigns you to work and you are responsible for your work, then you are free to do work according to your choice but if they interrupt you. And you are working according to their choice. 

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