Which one is correct “does he has” or “does he have”?

Before answering this question, I would like to start from the base rule.

"Do/does" is a helping verb always takes a verb1.

Primarily helping verb categories are :

Verb Be : " is, am, are, was, were" and verb forms are (am, are)v1. (Was, were)v2. (been)v3. (being)v4 and (is)v5.

Verb Have : (Have, has, had) and verb forms are (have)v1. (had)v2. (had)v3. (having)v4 and (has)v5.

Verb Do :  (Do, does, did) and verb forms are (do)v1. (did)v2. (done)v3. (doing)v4 and (does)v5.

Now in the sentence “does he has”. Has is verb5 but a verb (do) need verb1. Hence the verb1 is “have”. The correct sentence is “does he have”.